Select a phone below to see the current value of an equivalent amount invested in Bitcoin at launch:

PhoneDate ReleasedLaunch Price
ZTE Blade21 September 2010$160.00 (512MB)
Nokia N830 September 2010$549.00 (16GB)
Google/Samsung Nexus S16 December 2010$529.00 (16GB)
HTC Thunderbolt17 March 2011$669.99 (8GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22 May 2011$799.00 (16GB)
Blackberry Torch3 August 2011$773.00 (9810)
Blackberry Bold 99003 August 2011$645.00 (8GB)
Motorola Droid Bionic8 September 2011$499.00 (8GB)
Apple iPhone 4s14 October 2011$649.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note29 October 2011$772.00 (16GB)
Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus17 November 2011$680.00 (16GB)
HTC One X2 April 2012$714.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy S III29 May 2012$549.99 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 521 September 2012$649.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note II26 September 2012$750.00 (16GB)
Google/LG Nexus 413 November 2012$299.00 (8GB)
Blackberry Z1022 March 2013$599.00 (16GB)
HTC One (M7)22 March 2013$729.00 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy S427 April 2013$579.00 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 5s20 September 2013$649.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 325 September 2013$750.00 (32GB)
Google/LG Nexus 531 October 2013$349.00 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 5c18 March 2014$678.00 (8GB)
HTC One (M8)25 March 2014$649.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy S511 April 2014$699.00 (16GB)
OnePlus One25 April 2014$299.00 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 6 Plus19 September 2014$749.00 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 619 September 2014$649.00 (16GB)
Blackberry Passport24 September 2014$599.00 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 417 October 2014$749.00 (32GB)
Google/Motorola Nexus 629 October 2014$649.00 (32GB)
Blackberry Classic17 December 2014$449.00 (16GB)
HTC One (M9)10 April 2015$848.00 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge10 April 2015$749.00 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy S610 April 2015$699.00 (32GB)
OnePlus 211 August 2015$330.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 521 August 2015$720.00 (32GB)
Apple iPhone 6S25 September 2015$649.00 (16GB)
Apple iPhone 6S Plus25 September 2015$749.00 (16GB)
Google/Huawei Nexus 6P29 September 2015$499.00 (32GB)
Google/LG Nexus 5X29 September 2015$379.00 (16GB)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge11 March 2016$769.99 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy S711 March 2016$669.99 (32GB)
Apple iPhone SE31 March 2016$399.00 (16GB)
OnePlus 314 June 2016$399.00 (64GB)
Apple iPhone 7 Plus16 September 2016$769.00 (32GB)
Apple iPhone 716 September 2016$649.00 (32GB)

For details on the methodology and data, please refer to the FAQ.

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